6 Top Tips for a Stress Free Wedding Day

Wedding Day…It doesn’t matter how excited you are to marry the person of your dreams, but you are more than likely to get this overwhelming fear of nerves, anxiety and stress.  While you may acknowledge that these feelings will probably stay with throughout your Wedding Day, there are some things you can do to help elevate these feelings and to make you a little more at ease on the day.  

Here are 6 top tips to assist you along the way and to help you prepare ahead of time to de-stress before you special Wedding Day. 

1. The art of delegation

Should you be the one planning everything for your very special Wedding Day, then plan for one or two of your most trusted friends, or even better, hire a professional Wedding Planner who can plan the On-The-Day Wedding co-ordination for you.  The very last thing you need on your Wedding Day is to have to worry about small things that may inevitably go wrong!  Make sure that you elevate the stress to allow yourself to have the peace of mind with no worries by getting someone else to handle and manage everything that comes up on the day itself.

2. Accept what you cannot control

You can plan and plan, but when your Wedding Day finally arrives any number of things can happen unexpectedly. The biggest surprise is usually the weather or something that one of your guests does or requests.  These are both completely out of your control and you just need to accept, that if you want to have the time of your life and enjoy every minute of your special Wedding Day without the anxiety and stress in your stomach, then just let it go!

3. Do only what you need to do

You may want to pack as much into your Wedding Day as possible. Stick to the key necessities that you need to do, instead of going for group breakfast, manicures & pedicures, brunch, or anything else that can be done before your Wedding Day.   Arrange your hair and makeup appointments and try to avoid unnecessary commitments that will rush you through your day.  Rushing around will just lead to extra stress and panic that you truly do not need.

4. Take some newly married husband and wife alone time

After you have both said your Wedding vows and completed the ceremony part of your Wedding, just steal a few minutes alone together to just unwind and relax a little together savoring the moments that you have both experienced before the reception. During the reception, is the time when you have fun with your family members and guests, so take these few minutes together to calm down and chat a bit little about everything or nothing before you take to the floor for your first dance.

5. Stay close together

During the reception, everyone is going to want to take a few minutes of your time to get personally greeted and give their congratulations.  Try not to let the greetings and pleasantries keep you from your new married Husband!   Save your accomplished socialising skills for your first cocktail party, as during your Wedding Day, stay close to each other as this way, you will have the same memories of your special Wedding Day and it will make it a lot  easier for your photographer to catch some sweet and wonderful pictures of you both together throughout the night.

6. Allow yourself to feel nervous

It is, contra to popular belief, to feel nervous on your Wedding day, because it is the most important and special day of your life!   It is your commitment to spend the rest of your lives together, a big decision, and you’re about to follow-through with it together. Nervousness and anxiety are all natural and perfectly normal,  let your emotions happen to you, take a few deep breaths, and carry on.   Just remind yourself how much fun you will be having at your Wedding reception and the honeymoon after all the intimidating stuff has finished.  Most important of all, remember why you decided to marry your partner on your Wedding Day.

Should all else fail, find your Maid of Honour or your Best Man and vent or spill all the emotions you need to on them. They will completely understand entirely!

Weddings and stress are often tied together. Try these simple ways to keep your stress at bay on your special Wedding Day. The right mix of friendship, planning, and acceptance will lead you to the most fun and relaxed Wedding you could have ever imagined and dreamt of!


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